Saturday, June 9, 2018

Everyday Moments

Friday's are slow and relaxed at our house :)

Clay helped Ma Ma bake an orange jelly tart - delicious!

Mum (mainly) and I cleaned and sorted our back shed recently.  I haven't been down there for over 12 months so it was well overdue for a tidy up!!

Ive noticed in the last few months that my eyes have been blurred, I was concerned so booked in to see my opthamologist.  She explained it was "hazing" and is a common side effect of cataract surgery and could be easily fixed with laser surgery.  I had my first lot done on my left eye last week - it took less than 20 minutes 15 minutes for the dilating drop to work and less than 1 minute for the laser sork.  It was quick and painless!  I'm booked in to have my right eye done next week.

I redeemed my Flybuy points and stocked up on some more new makeup.

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