Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scrappy goals for 2012

After looking at the scrappy goals I set for myself last year - I think I underestimated myself LOL I'm pleased and surprised to see that I created double the amount I had set myself :)

Layouts 48/24

Cards 103/40

OTP 7/3

I'm going from part time to full time hours this year - so that means less time for scrapping. I won't set my goals too high! I'm making a change to my goals this year - I'm adding handmade projects. Looking back at my projects last year I realisedd that there were quite a few handmade items, so adding that to my goals will hopefully motivate me to continue.

Layouts 60

Cards 150

OTP / Handmade 20
Has anyone else set Scrappy Goals for this year?

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