Sunday, January 29, 2012


This picture makes my heart melt :)

We babysat Brandee yesterday afternoon :) Poor bub is teething and was pretty miserable, so not much playing happening, just lots of cuddles and a nap on Uncle's lap.

I spent a few hours weeding the front gardens this afternoon - they were starting to look like more weeds than plants thanks to all the rain LOL I can't complain too much - it has given all our veges a boost. We are getting a bumper crop of Roma tomatoes at them moment. The Lebanese cucumbers will be ready to be picked in few weeks too!


Rachael B said...

Brandee is so cute. Lovely tomatoes.

Sarah Lou said...

That is the cutest photo!!!! She is adorable!!
We had a tomato bust this year - that has never happened before to me! yours look great!