Thursday, July 5, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I popped into 2 op shops last weekend - both were shops that I rarely get to, so it was nice to wander around looking at everything. I brought this stash from there for a whopping $4.40. Wooden dowels (to make a washi tape stand) $1.00, luggage tags 20c, buttons 40c, 3x tea cups & saucers 20c (bargain!!), Tupperware rolling pin $2.00 and 2x snap fasteners 90c.

I brought the tea cups & saucers after seeing this inspiring picture here How cute is this?!?! I'm hoping to buy the glue and dowels this weekend so i can make some!

I picked this metal bucket up for $2.00 at the second shop - I have a few of these in my scrap room for storage.

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Rachael B said...

Great shopping Shandell. I too saw the teacup bird stand - will look lovely :)