Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday

I popped into one of my fave op shops last weekend and managed to find all these goodies for less than $10 - score!!

My most exciting bargain - this bag of biscuit cutters for a whopping $2!! Serious happy dance when I found these! LOL I have a few tins full of cutters (I have a bit of an addiction LOL) - so I will go through and share any doubles with mum :)

I found 3x bags of wooden beads (great for arts & craft days with the kids) for 50c each, book $2.50 and cute red bead necklace 50c.

Sweet biscuit tin for $2. I already have a larger tin in the same design that I store most of my sewing stuff in (there isn't enough room for all the bits & pieces), so I will use this one to store the rest of it in.

Last find was this cute ceramic hippo jar for $1 - I'll give this to Lacey to store her "treasures".

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Jeanie Mummy said...

You are such a bargain shopper! Nice work :) By the way, I actually own a hippo jar exactly like that! LOL ... Good taste or what :)

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

cookie cutters.