Friday, July 26, 2013

Craig's trip to Melbourne

Craig went to Melbourne for 3 days this week for a very exciting game of soccer / football - Melbrouvne Victory FC v Liverpool FC.  Craig has been a HUGE Liverpool fan for most of his life and seeing Liverpool play has been on his 'bucket list'.  A trip to Europe is still a few years off, but luckily he managed to buy tickets to see them play in Australia. He also brought a ticket to see the training session.

 Craig flew down to Melbourne early Tuesday morning, went to Federation Square to buy some LFC merchandise (with other other thousands of fans LOL) and that night he went to watch the training session.  He was hoping to get his jersey signed, but wasn't lucky enough.  Wednesday he did some sightseeing, ran into our friend Jools (Hi Joolz!) who took him on a tour of her workplace, then it was time for the game!!  It was a sold out game with 95,500 fans - Craig said it was amazing to hear so many people singing the LFC supporter song "You'll never walk alone".   The game was very exciting with a Liverpool win 2-0!

Thursday morning Craig was up early to catch a flight home - he had an amazing trip :)  He was super sweet and brought me home a present.... this set of dolls from the Babushka shop we found on our last trip to Melbourne :)

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dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I saw the game highlights on tv it but have been so great being there.I don't have a bucket list all I ever wanted was to see AC/DC didn't think it would ever happen but yes I saw them last time they were in Australia so that was my bucket list.-love dee x