Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday

I had an exciting day of op shopping on Monday :)  I was super excited to find something on my 'wish list'! I found the purple casserole cover - in brand new condition for only $1 - woo hoo! I also picked up the frilly pink / green apron for $1.50.

A pair of Guess sunglasses (not sure if they are authentic or knock offs) $2. 

The cane basket was $1 (I'm thinking about using this to store my letter writing things). The green Tupperware bowl was $3 - yes I already found one previously, but due to an unfortunate microwave incident (which Craig now knows to listen to me when I suggest not putting the older style Tupperware in the microwave!!). The four striped napkins where 50c each, brand new with their $3.95 each price tags still on :)

Sweet ceramic rabbits 50c each - will use these to decorate for Easter next year.
I'm linking up with Sir-Thrift-Alot this week.

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Lilly Ash said...

Love the basket and the napkins, don't you just love finding brand new stuff at the thrifts?