Friday, August 22, 2014

Everyday Moments

It's still all quiet around here lately :)  

I spent a lovely morning catching up with some old friends from work and making new friends to work on crochet projects.  The FB group is called Tea, Tarts & Hookers (cheeky name LOL)  and they meet a few times every month to work on individual crochet projects.  They usually meet up every 2nd Friday, but a few members couldn't make it due to work, so they offered to have a monthly Saturday catch up.  I was excited to catch up with my friend Jeanie and finally meet her cute little baby Hudson.  I spent more time having baby snuggtles instead of crocheting though LOL

Craig's mum and I went to see "Jersey Boys" at the movies - it was wonderful!!  It was so much better than what we expected - we were singing along and laughing the whole movie :)  Definately recommend it!

I spotted this gorgeous beetle when I was hosing off the front verandah - I couldn't seem to catch the amazing iridescent sheen it had.

I found this bearded dragon sunning himself in the back yard - I love the wildlife (birds, lizards, etc) we have around here.

I stocked up on some coloured twine from the dollar shop.

A new bracelet - love it :)

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