Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Meeting Stephanie

Last year I signed up for a pen pal swap and was matched with Stephanie in The Netherlands.  We have been exchanging letters regularly and this year she told me that they (Stephanie and her hubby Pieter) were travelling to Australia!  After working out their itinerary we agreed to meet up in Hervey Bay (that was as far north as they were travelling).  On the weekend Stephanie told me that Pieter wanted to do a tour at the Rum factory, so decided to travel to Bundaberg yesterday- woo hoo!  We agreed to meet at a local cafe for coffee.  After meeting and chatting for a few hours, Stephanie and Pieter came back to see our new house and meet Craig :)  We talked about anything and everything - it was so lovely to connect with Stephanie in person as it was in writing.  We talked about where they had travelled, things they seen / done,  what Aussie foods they had tried (I got Stephanie to taste Milo and tried to explain the "milo cough" bahaaha), their home town and life in The Netherlands, etc.  Stephanie told me that she got to meet 5 of her penpals while travelling- how exciting :)

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