Sunday, April 2, 2017

Clay's 2nd Birthday

Today was Clay's 2nd birthday!  We got up and opened a few presents :)  Craig decorated the birthday cake and we packed the party gear in the car.  After last years big celebration, we decided to to have a party at the park with friends & family.  We got to the park and started setting up, then realised the toilets were out of order - oops!!  Quick calls to the guests and we headed to a different park.  The decorations were put up & food set out and the party started :)  The kids played in the playground and the adults got a chance to catch up.  We cut the cake and sang happy birthday, a bit more playing and then packed up.  The birthday boy was spoilt with lots of lovely gits and had a ball spending the morning with all his favourite people.  He was so worn out from such a busy morning, that he crashed out when we got home LOL

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