Sunday, April 16, 2017

Hoppy Easter

There was great excitement this morning to find the Easter bunny had arrived :)  Lots of "oh wow" when Clay saw the Easter basket and goodies.  He immediately grabbed the chocolate bunny and started to unwrap it - nothing like having some chocolate before breakfast ;)  He actually didn't eat any of it - just mainly licked it LOL  Once he realised there wee toy cars in the basket the chocolate was quickly forgotten while he played with them and the dinosaurs that Ma Ma gave him for Easter.

Craig pointed out the bunny prints on the floor and Clay was closely inspecting them going "oh no" (think he was worried he would get blamed for all that mess! LOL).  Craig asked him how did that "Piggies" ha ha ha

We popped into see Nanny in the afternoon adn she gave Clay his Easter present - flannelette pjs.  Then off to the park for a play the cuzzies, Ma Ma and aunty Kate.  Craig also took his drone so he could have a practice flying it in more open space.

Finished a lovely day with delicious roast dinner at Diane's.

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