Saturday, October 28, 2017

Everyday Moments

We brought this fabulous sprinkler mat for Clay to cool down and play during the warmer weather - he loves it and it's the perfect size for him.

Ma Ma took us for a drive to the beach last week - Clay enjoyed a play at his favourite park and then a yummy ice cream.

A photo of our backyard during the recent 200ml rain we received in one night - such crazy weather lately.  Its nice to have green lawns again after so many months of dry, brown lawns.  Excuse the yucky pool  - it's now back to a lovely sparkling clear, but due to rain we haven't had a swim yet for this Spring season.

Clay has been created some lovely bright paintings recently.  Love the drying line we put up :)

The tomato seeds that Clay planted at the Rainbow Day have sprouted !

The pineapple top we planted is still growing  - hope that pot will be big enough.

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