Monday, October 30, 2017

Bec's 40th Birthday - Part 1

We were up early and on the road to Rockhampton to surprise Becca and celebrate her 40th birthday!!  Kristy flew in the day before to surprise her, but our arrival was still a secret.  When we left it was very foggy, but that lifted and we had gorgeous blue skies.

We headed straight to Yeppoon and surprised Bec :)  She was doing some baking (Kristy was distracing her from tying to leave the house lol) - she was actually making caramel slice to torment me that I wasn't there to have any - back fired when we arrived while she was just adding the chocolate layer bahahahaha

We decided to head to a park for a picnic  - a quick stop at the shops for supplies and found a lovely spot with gorgeous views and a playground for the kids to run around.

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