Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Angels for the Forgotten

My friend Kimmie is a very generous and kind-hearted woman who is involved with the local branch of Angels for the Forgotten.

A little bit about Angels for the Forgotten -

Angels for the Forgotten is dedicated to giving dignity, hope and joy to our community's most vulnerable who are entering foster care or living in crisis. Our aim is to put a little bit of Sparkle in to otherwise bleak and traumatic situations. Pure kindness and small gestures, combined can mean the difference between hope and despair. We believe in bringing back the personal touch to an otherwise cold and impersonal systematic society.Our aim is to instill the feeling "somebody does care" in to the hearts and minds of those women and children , who feel alone and isolated in this world. With your help we can all "real change" ,"a real impact" and a "real difference".

Kimmie recently contacted me with a request - she wanted to know if I could ask friends and the blogging community for some help. She would like some Christmas cards or birthday cards to give to the children that they work with. So readers, if you can help by making some cards that would be a wonderful gesture. I am hoping to get at least 200 cards - 100x Christmas cards and 100x birthday cards. Can we do it? As many cards as you can put together, or even find in your stash, would be a help. If you would like to help please email me at littlemissscrappy@bigpond.com.au for mailing details. Every card you make will help towards making the goal of 200.

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Linda M said...

Hi Shandell, got the girls at work on to it as well.