Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New haircut

After much indecisiveness about styles and length - I finally got my hair cut and I love it!! I used a new hairdresser (always a scary thing) and she was amazing - she took my vague description (layered bob) and a photo and cut my hair exactly how I wanted it :) I didn't get a chance to take a pic after I left the hairdressers (when your new hairstyle always looks the best LOL), but took a few self-portrait photos on my phone yesterday while I was all dressed up for Melbourne Cup Day :)

Today Mum and I started our Christmas baking! We made 80 spring rolls - yummo!! We went halves in the ingredients - it worked out to be $11 each for 40 spring rolls!!

They are now in the freezer - ready for Christmas entertaining :) We are making rum balls and passionfruit biscuits next week.


Anonymous said...

hey Shandelle love the new haircut looks great .... hope ur dooing well miss u jules xx

Linda M said...

Very glamorous Shandell - spring rolls look good too, do you freeze them?