Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bec & the kidlets...

We had a very busy and fun time with Bec and the kids :) They arrived Thursday afternoon, so we spent time chatting and catching up. Friday I had to work, but afterwards we headed to Lake Ellen Heritage Hub to play in the playground and let Connor run around :)

Saturday morning we popped over to mum's so Connor could collect the eggs, then off to the shops for some coffee and a bit of retail therapy. Then back home to do some baking - chocolate biscuits and cupcakes! That night we took Connor bowling for the first time. The lights and music were a bit much for Connor to start with - he got a little hypo and ran down the bowling lane. Craig said he didn't know whether to chase him or film him in case he slid on his stomach to knock the pins down!! LMAO

Sunday we headed off to the markets for a bit more retail therapy :) Then off to have hot chips and a swim at the beach. After a thunder storm and dark skies to start with - it ended up being perfect weather!! We finished the day by icing the cupcakes and decorating the biscuits. They headed home Monday morning - tired but had fun filled days :)

I didn't take many pics this visit - I wanted to spend time playing and enjoying time with everyone, instead of hiding behind my camera. I thought I would share these pics to show how big Connor and Bella have gotten. Don't you love Connor's "chocolate face"?!? He was having a ball taste testing the biscuits LOL

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