Monday, October 10, 2011

A bit of random-ness

Saturday I had Tupperware party - how "Domestic Goddess" LOL A good chance to catch up with friends - sitting around the kitchen table having afternoon tea and chatting!

Mum went out to Blackwater last weekend to see my brother, sister and their families and to see my brother and 2 nieces competing in the local rodeo. I got a phone call from 2 very excited little girls wanting to share their wonderful news....they both won CRCA Rodeo Princess on the weekend! Cody won the Little Britches and Lacey the Tiny Tots. I'm such a proud aunty :) Mum tells me they rode so beautifully in the Barrel Race as well. Looking forward to seeing the pictures :) Timmy unfortunately didn't too well in his Steer Wrestling event, but I did get to see the funny video footage of it!! Can't wait to see him and tease him about that!! LOL

Bec and the kidlets arrive on Thursday to spend a couple of days with us - I am looking forward to lots of visits to the parks & the beach, playing, some cooking and lots of cuddling and spending time together :)

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