Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thifty Thursday - DIY garden bed

Awhile ago I mentioned that Mum and I had been working on a DIY project - and now that it's all finished I can share it :) We made this garden planter from scratch - recycling some old sheets of tin and wooden stakes that were in the workshop. It all started when I mentioned to Mum that I was going to buy some garden bed kits. After showing her a picture of them, she said that we could easily make them. I was happy to realise that I could make them bigger (longer and higher) than the ones I was looking at and even better - Mum already had all the materials at home (got to love "free" right?!?!? LOL). After working out how to actually construct the bed, it only took about 4 hours to finish! After we brought it home - I gave it a couple coats of paint (I already had the paint in the shed) and hammered it into the ground. I did want to make a 2nd bed, then get my veges planted - but Mum and I haven't had the spare time, so I decided to just get the first bed all planted. Here's the garden bed all finished (size - approx H 2m x W 1m x H 1m) with plants :)

After getting a trailer load of soil and filling up the planter this morning, we popped out to Bunnings this afternoon to choose the vegetables we wanted. We planted capsicum, celery, spring onions, roma tomatoes and snow peas.

We spent a few hours gardeining today - I planted new herbs in my herb planter, re-potted some plants and finished weeding my side garden.


Linda M said...

That looks really good Shandell, which I had the knack and the know how to diy. Well done to you and your mum, you make a great team

Linda M said...

Of course I meant "wish" not "which" lol