Monday, June 4, 2012

Show Time

The show was on last week and my brother Tim came down for a couple of days to compete in the rodeo. We (mum, Craig and I) went to the showgrounds every day to spend some time catching up with him. There was lots of teasing, clowning around and chatting :) When he arrived Thursday we went over to have lunch with him and then walked around and looked at the exhibitions, sideshow alley and helped mum choose showbags for the kids.

Friday night we went to watch him compete in the steer wrestling event at the rodeo.

I did try to take some photos, but with the average run being approx 4 sec I obviously didn't get any decent pics LOL A friend managed to video it on their phone though.

Saturday morning mum cooked up bacon & eggs and we (MIL Diane, mum and I) wend over to spend a few hours with Tim before he packed up to head to another rodeo in Miram Vale that night. Craig's mum loves horses, so she was in heaven to spend time wih Tim's horse :) It was also a good opportunity to get some pics of us all.

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