Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thrify Thursday

I was lucky enough to pop into 3 op shops last Saturday and find some more goodies :) (Sorry about the photo quality, but the rain and dreary weather means bad lighting)

First shop I found this teal handbag for $3, then I managed to find matching necklace for $1 at the last shop - score!

In the second shop I found this cute apron. I know it sounds a little old-fashioned, but I wear aprons when I am cooking. I am a very messy cook - visualise the chef off "The Muppets" (showing my age there LOL)!

I found another great handbag - $4 - in the last shop.

I was lucky enought to find this cookbook for my MIL (my mum and I both have a copy of this book - it's our 'go to' biscuit book) for $2. Another exciting book find was book 1 in the Nightworld series for $3.50. I brought book 2 & 3 last year from a 2nd hand book shop and had been looking for book 1 - yay!

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