Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A fun filled Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas day :) We got up and opened our presents - Craig spoilt me with jewellery (hoop earrings and 2 Pandora charms - a cruise ship and owl), GLEE karaoke games, DVDs and an overnight bag.  I cooked bacon & eggs for breakfast, then made a choc ripple and a gingernut logs for dessert. We played the karaoke games - lots of teasing and conpetitive-ness (AKA me gloating when I won LOL). It was a pretty hot day, so we turned on the a/c and watched a few movies. Lunch was fresh prawns & crabs, then we headed outside to have a swim in our new pool (we just brought a 306x76cm wading pool - big enough to float around in!). We headed over to Diane's for our family dinner, where we opened more presents and chatted while dinner finished cooking. We took some alcohol slushie buckets over and we all had a few Xmas drinks :) Laurinda created a new cocktail - which I got to name - The Frisky Elf (I was a bit tipsy by then ROFL). We had a delicious meal of turkey, pork and veges and dessert. A few more drinks and more chatting, then we headed home.


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Jeanie Mummy said...

lmao! Loving "The Frisky Elf"!!