Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A worrying 24 hours

With the river rising and the flooding getting worse, people on the northisde of town were being evacuated, but Craig's dad refused to leave his house (stubbon man).  We managed to keep iin contact with him, but then the evacuation was made mandatory and the phone lines / power were cut.  We started to panic when we heard that his house was underwater and his neighbours had been rescued by chopper from their roof, but there was no sign of dad.  We spent 24 hours checking all the evacuation centres, ringing numbers and trying to locate him with no luck :(  By lunch the next day we were told that someone had found him staying with people up the road from his house, we breathed a sigh of relief.  Less than 2 hours later we were told that was incorrect and so began the searching again :(  Four hours later we had located him (he was in his house - which wass thankfully dry, but still no power) and spoke to him on the phone - yay!  We begged him to go to the evacuation centre and get choppered across and stay with us, but he didn't want to (like I said, stubborn man).  His house was dry and he had access to food, so we stopped panicing. 

I thought I would share some pics (found on FB) of the flooding.

This is the shopping centre Craig works in :( Staff from his shop are currently working in the other shop at another shopping centre.

ETA - 31/1/2013 The water was started to recede and Craig's brother has managed to get to north Bundaberg (taking a 2 hour detour) and picked up dad :)  He is going to stay with us for the time being.

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