Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crazy weather

We were looking forward to the long weekend  - fishing and a BBQ to celebrate Australia Day...unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans...I can't believe it, but in only 3 days Bundaberg has flooded again :( When we flooded in 2011 - it took weeks for the water to slowly rise, so it was a shock to see the flood pics all over Facebook again. To top off the worry about flooding, there were also 5 I said, crazy weather. Craig and I are lucky - we haven't had any issues with flooding or tornados, other friends and family haven't been so lucky though. Last night was scary - strong winds and pouring rain. I slept though it (I always said I could sleep through anything), but Craig had a restless night. We did get up just before 5am to check there was no damage to the house or yard. The closest we had to damage was the tree that feel over in the park behind us.

Photo taken yesterday-

Photo taken this morning -
No only was the weather an issue, but a lot of places lost (and still don't have any) power. We lost power for 3.5 hrs last night - luckily it was mid afternoon so we didn't have to worry about candles or torches immediately. I was crocheting by torchlight a bit later though LOL To kill time we decided to play Monopoly :) The power came back on halfway through the game, but we did finish it today.

It was lovely to see blue skies and sunshine today :) There is still the worry of waters still rising and people are still being evacuated though.

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