Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A heartbreaking goodbye

We've been back from our cruise for a few weeks now, but my heart wasn't in it to blog all about our wonderful holiday.  Coming home was hard knowing that our precious fur-baby Jedi wouldn't be waiting to greet us.  A few days before we were due to sail back home Craig's mum rang to tell us that Jedi's health had suddenly gone down hill and she was taking her to the vets.  Once she got there we got the awful call that the cancer that riddled her poor little body was too much for her.  We asked if they could make her comfortable till we got home and could say our goodbyes and be with her, but they said it wouldn't be humane.  We gave our permission for them to do the humane thing, while Diane stayed with her.  We knew she had cancer and was going blind, but still believed we had at least another 6-12 months before we might lose her.  Jedi has been our fur-baby for nearly 14 years and we really did treat her like a baby - letting her sleep in our bed, lots of cuddles, special treats and talking to her like she was one.  We are all heartbroken that she is gone.  There have been lots of tears and talking about her.  Indy has only ever know a life with Jedi in it and we are so relieved that he is coping much better since we got home.

RIP Jedi 2001-2014

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