Monday, November 24, 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 15-19

Week 15
Due to my pregnancy I couldn't take my usual travel sickness medication, so had to look at alternative options.  My doctor prescribed a pregnancy safe anti-nausea medication, but I also tried acupuncture bands and was very happy to find they worked very well!

Week 16
My tummy is starting to (finally) change shape - it's looking less "cake" belly and more "baby" belly - so exciting!

Week 17
It was a big week for firsts - I felt baby's first movement - it was like butterflies!!!  Then at my hospital appointment I got to hear baby's heartbeat.

Week 18 & 19
When we were trying for a baby, we started buying some gender neutral clothes and other bits & pieces.  We got all the boxes and bags out and went through it all - so much fun.  We have a new porta-cot and a rocker / bouncer, clothes and random baby stuff :)  After lots of shopping around we decided on a pram, which my mum brought for us this week and Craig's mum brought us a new car seat also.  We are starting to get a collection of baby stuff in the nursery! 

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