Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thrifty Thursday

Squeezing in my last thrifty post for the year :)  These are just a few goodies I have found over the last month when I've had the chance to pop into the shops.

Dinosaur cake mould 50c, 2 pack light / cable caddy 20c and elf 20c (this was in a bag of ugly Xmas decorations / baubles that I donated straight back)

Nautical cushion - Sheridan brand $5.  A little expensive for me, but it was perfect for Clay's room :)

Large quiche dish (to replace my gorgeous yellow quiche dish that broke recently) $5

Thongs $4.  It's unusual to find larger size shoes at op shops and these ones were in excellent condition, plus they fit - so I snapped them up :)

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