Saturday, August 6, 2016

Bargara Strawberry Festival

Craig had the weekend off, so we decided to go the the Bargara Strawberry Festival for the first time.  The weather was perfect, so we hopped into the car, picked up Nanny and headed to the festival.  The first thing we spotted were the camels LOL

We didn't see any strawberries, but did find this apple / capsicum for a photo :)

The main stage had lots of different entertainment - bands, dancers, etc.

There were heaps of market stalls with homemade crafts, food stalls, wine tasting, etc and even a side-show alley area for the kids.

Mr Independant :)  Even though there were lots of people - it was definately less crowded than the Childer's festival and Clay was happy to walk around.

I did buy some yummy fresh strawberries and icecream :)

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