Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thrifty Thursday

Mum and I are still getting to pop into our fave op shops on a regular basis and the occassional garage sale.  We were excited to find out that a new op shop opened too!

Garage sale find - hanging baskets 3 for $1.  I will spray paint these black, add a liner and plant - then hang on our front verandah.

More!! cookie cutters and some sandwhich cutters 20c each

Toolbox 50c.  Bag of toys $2 - kept the Little People, wind up monkey and the LP car and donated the others back.

The day after I found the toolbox, mum and I popped into a new op shop that had opened in town and I found the set of plastic tools for 50c - perfect :)

I also found this gorgeous glass bird feeder / bird bath $5

Single bed feather doona $8 also from the new op shop.  I normally wouldn't look at the doonas, but mum pointed out how clean it looked.  We looked it over and there were no marks and it smelt fresh & clean - so I snapped it up ready for when Clay goes into a big boy bed.  The pink sunglasses print bag $2 is for putting dirty laundry in when I travel / go to retreats and the little fabric bag $2 is perfect size to pop my camera into and hang off Clay's stroller.

Nappy wallet $1 - great to keep in the car or pop on the stroller if we are only going out quickly.

2 more Pyrex bowls & lids - love these!!  $1 for the small and $3 for the large one.

Unopened box of nappy liners $3 and a pair of shorts for Clay $2

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