Sunday, August 28, 2016

Zoe's Birthday Party

This morning we headed to the indoor play centre to celebrate our friend Zoe's 5th birthday.  

We weren't sure how Clay would go with the crowd & noise. He was a bit overwhelmed to start with, but we took him into the under 2's area where there weren't too many kids and let him run around.  He wasn't too sure what to do at first and kept running and getting the balls to put back in the ball pit, but after a while he worked it out and was having a wonderful time in the ball pit!

Craig & Clay

Ball pit fun!

Quick cuddle between running, climbing and having fun.

The birthday girl Zoe & her mum Bec

Time for birthday cake with Bec and  little sister Bianca

Enjoying birthday cake :)

Clay, Jeanie & I

After watching the bigger kids - Clay decided to climb through the climbing section and go down the slide by himself!  How pleased with himself does he look?!?! LOL

Jeanie's 3 boys - Linc, Hudson & Ollie

Clay & Hudson trying to work out how to escape ;)

Thank you to Zoe for the invitation - we had lots of fun celebrating your birthday!

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