Saturday, November 19, 2016

An afternoon at the beach

We have been enjoying such beautiful weather lately, that we decided to head to the beach for a swim yesterday afternoon.  We asked a few friends to join us and Jeanie and her boys agreed.  Since they live at Burnett Heads and we've never been to the beach there, we decided to head there for a swim, for something different :)  Clay loved the waves and had no fear - leaping head first into the waves and coming up spluttering LOL  I took my big camera, but decided not to take it down onto the beach.  Jeanie had her phone in her bag and snapped these fantastic pics for us :)

After swimming and building sandcastles, we headed back up to the cars and had afternoon tea of delicious watermelon.  

We all had such a lovely, relaxed time that we agreed to try and make it a weekly event.

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