Thursday, November 3, 2016

Sunshine Coast Day 3 - Underwater World

After a lesuirely breakfast, we headed into Mooloolabah to spend the morning at Underwater World.  We weren't sure how long Clay would last after such a big day at the zoo yesterday, but luckily we had 2 free passes from a competition, so decided to just go.  Clay loved watching the sharks & rays in the the underwater tunnels and spent ages playing in a light installation in the jellyfish area.

After spending the morning looking at the sea life, we had worked up an appetite so decided to head to Sunshine Plaza for Yum Cha.  Cathie, Andrew and the kids were also at the Sunshine Coast that weekend and originally we had suggested meeting up for Yum Cha, but weren't sure on the day if we could get our schedules aligned.  We headed to Yum Cha and once we got seated and started to eat, the others got there.  Luckily they were seated at a table behind us, so we could all chat and catch up with how our weekends were going.  Clay was overtired, so after throwing a huge wobbly, crashed out in Craig's arms.  Craig is very adept at eating one handed LOL  Our meals were delicious - I LOVE yum cha!

After lunch we headed back to the cabin to have a rest, then off to the pool for another lovely swim / spa.  When we got there there was a mother duck and 7 little ducklings swimming in the pool!  They all got out and waddled off when some kids hopped in the pool.  After a couple of big days, we decided to have a quiet night in and just ordered dinner from the resort restaurant again - delicious burgers.

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