Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunshine Coast Day 1

We were so excited to finally get away on a mini family holiday to the Sunshine Coast over the weekend.  We got up early to finish packing, popped to the shops to grab some last minute supplies and timed our getaway for just when Clay is due for his nap.

Guess who woke up 20 minutes down the road??1!? LOL   Clay is an amazing traveller - never cried or whinged the whole trip - just sat listening to music and looking out the car window.

We stopped at Gympie so Clay could have a little play :)

Our cabin at Gateway Lifestyle Maroochy.   Originally we were going to stay 2 nights, but decided to stay an extra night, I'm so glad we changed our minds :)

After we got the car unpacked we headed to the pool for a swim - I didn't take my camera so this photo is from their website.  The pool area is awesome - it has a kids pool, a splash area and it has a spa in the pool (to the left of the waterfall).

Clay chilling out after his swim while we got dressed for dinner :)

We had seen the menu board at the resort restaurant when we walked past from the pool and decided to eat there that night.

Craig and I both ordered the slow cooked ribs and coleslaw - delicious!

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