Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Home Modifications

Occupational therapy did a home visit a few weeks ago to see if anything needed to be done to make sure the house was safe for me to come back to.  The biggest change is some rails down the back stairs - someone has come in to measure for them and once they are fabricated they will be installed next week.

Mum has borrowed a shower chair for me and just need to get a toilet frame sorted.

Yesterday mum and some family friends boxed out and cemented over the steep ramp at the back door.  Now it is much more level and I'll be able to get out the back more!!!  Unfortunately once I started having problems walking it was too difficult for me to get out the back, so most of Clay's play with me was restricted to inside or the front verandah when it waa just us at home.  Now that the ramp has been levelled out there will be nothing stopping us from spending most days outside again!!

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