Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hospital Day 24-30

Day 24 - I took my first solo steps with crutches outside of the safety of the parallel bars today.  It was scary and exciting - it took a lot of courage to take that firat step, but I'm determined to walk without my walker anymore!

Craig told me that as he was putting stuff tbrough at shops and heard Clay say "Hmmm yum egg" and looked down to see he had a creme egg open and licking it!!  So he had to buy it.  Guess that's one way to get lollies without dad saying no! Bahaha

Day 25-26 - Visits from mum, Craig and Clay enjoying the gardens, making cards and physio session in the afternoon.

Day 28 - I was worried that being quarantined would out my physio back, but luckily Jess gowned up and we worked on using my crutches in the room.  Today I have upgraded from hopper to crutches now!!

Day 27-30 - I have gotten the gastro and vomitting bug that everyone in my room has :(  We are all now quarantined to the room and all staff and visitors need to wear a mask, gown and gloves before entering.  I don't want anyone getting the bug so will wait till quarantine is lifted before they visit again.  Feeling a bit lonely though.  The wardsman got me some colour pencils to use so I could keep making cards - which I get to keep as they can't clean them after being in the ward with the bug- what a wonderful surprise!!  The doctor has advised that once the home modifications are done and physio clears me - then I can go h9me next week!

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