Friday, February 2, 2018

Hospital Day 11-16

Day 11 & 12 - Physio sessions - walking further every day, trips upstairs to see Kylie and time spent outside enjoying the fresh air.

Day 13 - headed outside to enjoy the sunshine and do some people watching.  Kylie was discharged and headed home.  

Was given the exciting news thats I am being transfered back to Bundaberg tomorrow!!  Mum organised her train ticket ans packes both of our bags - I think she's as excited to be going as I am :)

At 9pm as I'm just getting ready for bed I'm told I need to have an MRI as the head surgeon wants to check how the operation went.

Day 14 - After a very long day with lots of changes to the flight I finally boarded the RFDS plane just after 4pm.  Mum caught a train at 11am and beat me back LOL  When I got to the hospital I was met by Craig and Clay.  The ambulance officers stopped in the hallway and lowered my stretcher so Clay could hop up for a cuddle.  There was lots of excitementand happy tears.  I went up to the medical ward.

Day 15 - I was moved down to the PARAS ward ready to start rehabilitation.  I get my staples removed - 27 !!  There is a group dining room and lounge room and a large enclosed garden.  Lots of space for Clay to run around.

Day 16 - Mum brought Clay up to spend a few hours with me running around the garden and smooching.  I also started physio sessions in the rehab gym.

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