Saturday, February 10, 2018

Hospital Day 17-23

Day 17 - 19 - My days are filled with visits from family and frienda, making cards and physio sessions.  Physio ia happy with my progress and have decided instead of goingvhome and using my walker I am going to use crutches instead!  I used crutches inside the parallel bars at physio.

This random find was spotted in the corner of the laundry LOL

Day 20 - Had my first try of using elbow crutches inside the parallel bars - much easier and more stable than crutches.  Swapped my rollator for a hopper - a walking frame with wheels at front and stoppers at back.  

Day 21- More practice using the elbow crutches.

Day 22 - Had a CT scan at 7pm - want to check why I have been getting abdominal pain since my surgery.

Day 23 - Results of CT scan - nothing that requires aurhery.  Dr thinka it's a pulled muscle.

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