Friday, August 10, 2012


Last week I was very excited to win a wonderful (and very cheap) eBay auction lot of 40 pairs of Barbie/Ken/Bratz dolls shoes! I had checked a few forums to see if Barbie / Bratz shoes would fit my Blythe - at $6.50 I thought even if only 5 pairs fitted then I was still lucky (Etsy sellers average about $10 for one pair). My parcel arrived last week and I tried all the shoes on my Blythe - luckily most of them fit (they are a little big, but will fit better with some socks / stockings)!! The stilettos and ballet shoes don't fit, so I will give them to Kylie's girls for their dolls. I was excited that the black boots fit perfectly - my fave pair :)

I couldn't help myself - I brought a few more pieces from the seller at the markets :) A sweet blue dress -

A cute tshirt and pair of shorts -

Another jumper - this time a lovely soft pink / peach one - 

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