Thursday, August 2, 2012

Car birthday cards

Things have been quiet here on the blog, but I have lots of things to share. I had a rather spectacular fall on Tuesday which resulted in a ambulance trip to the hospital. I had an ultrasound on my liver and x-rays on my knee, ribs, shoulder and spine (told you it was spectacular! LOL) - luckily nothing was broken, just very sore. I've spent the last few days resting at home.

Anyway....a couple of card shares. I was feeling very motivated last weekend and made the cards for next months card swap at Simply Crafty. The theme is "male birthday cards". I didn't have enough orange paper, so decided to use up some other
papers and made a modern and vintage version of the card. I made 10 cards - so that will give everyone a choice, plus a few leftover to add to my stash.

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Linda M said...

I hope you are okay Shandell sounds as if it was really spectacular, cards look pretty good, have to start mine yet. Take care.