Monday, August 13, 2012

What a busy, fun-filled weekend!

Oh m gosh - we had such a social weekend :)   Friday night Mum and Kate went to see Graeme Connors in concert, so Cohan had a sleepover at our house :) There was lots of games, cuddles, movies and playing with the dogs. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner to celebrate Mick's 40th.  Lovely night out catching up with Kylie, Mick, Cathie  and Andrew.  Delicious meal, chatting with friends and cake - who could ask for more ;)

Sunday was our busiest day!  First stop was the markets, then to Ryan's Baptism.  After the ceremony we went to Amanda and Justin's for lunch. 

Craig and I.  I finally managed to get my hair cut!  I'm loving the new, shorter bob style :)


After lunch we popped over to a friends house for a quick catch up, then off to the movies to see "Ted".  It was a very funny movie - lots of laughs :)

Cruise countdown...9 weeks!

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