Friday, December 2, 2016

Building a Terrarium

This morning we met up with Tanya, Kylie & Chloe at the shopping centre so we could participate in the free terrarium workshop.   Craig headed off to look for xmas lights and Tanya didn't want to make a terrarium, but offered to be our photographer :)  The workshop supplied the coloured pebbles, soil, terrarium (jar) and succulents.  Cathie & Rylie had done the workshop yesterday and came up with the awesome idea to put small animals in the jar for decoration.  Before we started the workshop, I popped into Kmart and grabbed a tube of plastic dinosaurs to use.  I thought Clay & Chloe might be too young to understand / enjoy the activity, but they loved helping with the pebbles and picking dinosaurs :)  I will definately be keeping my eye out for some more free activities.

Our terrarium :)  Mum loved the idea, so she is going to get the supplies and make one with Cohan & Jaxson when they come down for the holidays.

After we finished the workshop we headed to the cheapie shop so us girls could stock up on scrap supplies.  We couldn't resist getting Clay & Chloe to model these cute hats - Clay wasn't keen, but Chloe was pretty chilled about it LOL

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