Thursday, December 29, 2016

New Christmas Decorations & Boxing Dale Sales

There was a slight colour change to the Christmas tree decorations this year - I added light pink to the hot pink and silver to give the tree a monochromatic look.  Absolutely love it!!  Will hopefully add a few more light pink decorations next year.  We also changed the star on top from hot pink to silver - only due to the fact that the pink one broke when we went to put it on top of the tree.  I would also like to change the tree skirt to match - Kmart had lots of gorgeous tree skirts this year, but none matched my colour theme.  I wasn't too worried, because the presents cover it usually anyway.  Maybe I could make one next year.  Clay took a few decorations off, but after a few days lost interest in the tree :)

Knowing I have a LOT of Christmas decorations  / decor, I decided to just buy a few "must have" decorations this year.

Another marquee light decoration - how cute is this arrow?!?!

Some cute baskets  for the cube shelving.

I couldn't resist this Advent calendar!  I know Clay is a bit too little to play with it this year, but it'll be packed away and brought out every year to go into the advent calendar.

I love the bottle brush christmas trees!  These were meant to be tree decorations, but I just pulled the strings off and used them as decor instead.  The star dish was going be for lollies / nuts on the Christmas dinner table, but instead I used it to hold the Advent lego pieces :)  

I didn't feel like braving the crowds for the Boxing Sales so skipped it this year, however mum and Kate both went on different days and picked up some fabulous bargains for me!  Mum got me the hessian Santa Sack, book and another set of baskets all fot $5.  The cute penguin garden stake was $1.50.

Kate got the best bargains - the marquee light words for $3 each (origainlly $49 each!!).  

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