Saturday, December 10, 2016

Christmas Cooking

I'm trying to squeeze in a few Christmas cooking days with mum, but time seems to be flying by.  A few weekends ago Mum, my aunty and I (and Clay) caught up at mum's so she could teach Aunty Lib and I how to make caramel fudge.  Our batches turned out well and it's taking all my will power to save it for parties and NOT to eat any of the fudge! LOL

Today was a rainy day - perfect cooking weather :)  Mum popped over and helped me make a batch of rum balls.  The secret to these delicious moist rum balls is to use half a chocolate cake and half a pack of biscuits.

Rainy days are also a good excuse to play in the rain :)

I also got a back of cheese and bacon sausage rolls made.  We had a little taste test - delicious :)

I'm hoping to get a batch jam drops and maybe some spring rolls made too.

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