Friday, December 30, 2016

Painting with the Cousins

Mum had seen a painting idea on a kids TV show and wanted to do the same project with all the boys, so we decided to take advantage of the hot & sunny weather and have a swim and do the painting.

Kate & the big boys had a swim in the pool, while Clay paddled in the little pool with Ma Ma on life guard duty ;)  Jaxson decided to hop in the little pool for a bit too.

After the swim we got the paints, brushes and some foam balls out ready to try the painting.  It was a bit of trial & error working out how much to thin the paint down so that it splattered.  It was organised chaos - trying to get the kids sorted to throw the splat balls, flick paint, etc.  Ma Ma instructed the kids on where to put the paint, I manned the paint table to stop kids spilling it and making a mess and Kate was in charge of taking photos.  Lots of fun and giggles!!  

The finished painting - Ma Ma is very pleased with it.

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