Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Day

Better make a cup of tea and get comfy, cause this is a long post with LOTS of photos :)

We had a decent 6am start this year.  Clay wasn't really interested in opening any presents :(  There was some excitement about the new play kitchen when we first came out to the lounge though :)  We got Clay dressed and headed back to our bed to have a look at what Santa left in his stocking (and to let grumpy wake up a bit more LOL).  Then back out to the lounge to open a few presents.

After opening some presents, we packed the car and headed to spend the morning with Mum, Kate and the boys.  We opened and had a play with more presents, then enjoyed our traditional hot breakfast.

Then it was time to head back to our house - we were hosting Christmas dinner with Craig's family this year.  Craig's mum cooks a hot roast dinner with the trimmings - so she busied herself getting dinner ready while we just chilled out in the air-con with Craig's dad.

It rained for most of the afternoon - so we weren't sure it we would try and squeeze everyone (9 adults and 5 kids) into the dining room or just set up in the side garage.  Just before everyone arrived the rain cleared, so instead of enjoying xmas dinner under our shade area by the pool, we set up in the open garage on the side of the house.  

The kids enjoyed a swim in the pool while the adults enjoyed a chat and a few xmas drinks :)

We put a very tired, but happy little boy to bed that night :)  Hope everyone had a fun filled and joyous day with family and friends xo

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