Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cruise Day 5 - Mystery Island

Day 5
We woke up to another glorious day, anchored at Mystery island.   An uninhabited island is a pretty amazing sight! The locals travel over from the nearby island when ships are visiting.

After breakfast we caught the tender across to the island and spent the morning snorkeling. We got to use our new digital camera (it takes great pictures underwater and when it's dry - just need to remember to wipe the front lens to get rid of water drops! LOL). There were lots of beautiful fish, huge blue starfish and the most amazingly coloured corals!  After our swim - we laid on the beach enjoying the view and the perfect weather.
We caught the tender back to the ship, where we had lunch with Mr Fish aka Sam - very exciting LOL Then back over to the island to explore a bit more and take some photos.   It only take 45mins to  walk around the whole island.  We walked across to the other side of the island (a 2 mins walk!) to have a look at another area for snorkeling. 
There were a few different groups singing - loved seeing the school kids singing and playing :)  
Love the locals sense of humour - this is hilarious!!
I went to a quilling class when we got back to the ship, then chilled out for a bit till we got ready for dinner.  After dinner we went to see the "International Crew Show" - there are some very talented crew members on board!  It was surprising to watch their act (dance routine, singing, Michael Jackson dance tribute, opera, etc) and then find out where they worked (engine room, youtt services, cabin stewards, etfc).

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