Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cruise Day 6 & 7 - At Sea and Port Denarau (Fiji)

Day 6
Another relaxing day at sea - breakfast, thread card stitching class, "Name that Tune" trivia, lunch, watching dance classes, quilling class, some reading, checked out the sports memorabilia auction and maanged to squeeze in another nanna nap :)   Dress was cocktail, so we got all frocked up and had more professional photos taken before we went to dinner in the formal dining room. After dinner we went to see the show "Please Don't Stop The Music", then off to listen to live karaoke. We came back to find another cute towel animal :)

Day 7
We anchored in Port Denarau, so after breakfast we caught a tender into the wharf.  We brought tickets and caught the "Bula Bus"  - it drives all around Port Denarau stopping at every resort.  We were serenaded the whole trip by the tour guide and a man playing his guitar and singing at the buck of the bus.  It was funny to drive past other Bula Buses filled with locals and tourists - all with their own guitarist :)

We had some time before our shore tour, so we did some souvenir shopping.  We found one amazing store and did all of our shopping in there.  i don't think they had to worry about anyone shop-lifting with this Fijian warrior standing at the front of the shop! LOL
 We decided to do a shore tour - Experience the legends, stories, history and myths of the South Seas and Fiji’s many islands in a Fire Walking and Cultural Show at The Westin Denarau Island Resort and Spa. The day begins with a morning tea, followed by a traditional Fijian Meke performance that tells stories of love, legend and history through the art of song and dance. The Meke finishes with Fiji’s most famous love and farewell song, Isa Lei. Then, be taken into the mysterious world of fire walking. Like many mysteries, there is no valid explanation why members of one Fijian tribe have the power to walk on white-hot stones without injury. This unique skill is possessed only by the Sawau tribesmen, who live in the southern side of Beqa Island in Fiji.
After the firewalking show we went down to the beach to take some photos and enjoy a cool drink sitting in these cute huts :)
We got all dressed up for Island Night.   There were a few shows that we wanted to see, so instead of our usual dinner booking, we had dinner in the upstairs buffet.
There was a gameshow "Let Me Entertain You" in the showlounge - first prize was a 3 day cruise.  I was feeling brave, so entered my name.  While we were waiting for the show to start, I got cold feet (thanks to Craig's teasing LOL) and said that if my name got called I would pretend I wasn't there.    I couldn't believe it when my name was called first ROFL!  I decided to be brave again and went up to play :)  There were 8 people playing and I was lucky enough to make it through the 3 rounds to be one of the last 2 people - unfortunately I didn't know the chorus to Cher "If I could Turn Back Time", so didn't make it through to the final rounds - I did recieve a winner keyring as a prize.  The remaining guy only got through the first level of the finals and won a meal voucher at the Salt Grill restaurant. 
We found another cute towel animal on our bed when got back to the cabin.

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