Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cruise Day 8 - Suva (Fiji)

Day 8
Woke to perfect weather (although extremely hot temps) and anchored in Suva.  We had to get up early for breakfast, because we decided to do a shore tour in the morning -Enter the ancient ruins of Naikawakawalevu in Tailevu to an old village setting depicted in history books. Originally called Molituva in the days of tribal wars, the area has a lush green environment and hidden relics of what used to be a prehistoric fortified ring ditch where its ancestors sought refuge away from hostile tribes. While those days may be part of history now, the natural village setting has remained, to show and tell about the life of the early settlers. Witness the activities performed in everyday life such as husking and scrapping coconuts, weaving baskets, mats and more before being entertained by a traditional meke performance.

We enjoyed looking at all the different sights during the 40 min bus ride to the village.

We were greeted by all the villagers when we arrived - lots of singing and smiles :)  We were then taken to the village centre (with warriors standing guard along the way), where we were introduced to the Chief and got to watch a traditional kava ceremony.  

After the welcome ceremony we were split into groups and went for a tour through the rainforest to see the site of the original village (300 years old).  Our guide taught us about various plants (used for food, medicines and housing), explained how traditional cooking utensils were used and how the village was planned to prepare against attacks.  It was a very informative tour and we really enjoyed it!
After the village tour we went back to the temple where we got to watch a mock warrior fight, learn about traditional clothes and then enjoy singing and dancing.  The last song / dance was a happy and energetic dance and people from the tour got pulled up to join in - including me - I had fun dancing around :)
After the tour we decided to be dropped off in the town centre to have a look around and do a bit more souvenir shopping :)  
We caught the shuttle bus back to the ship for a very late lunch / afternoon tea.   I went to a beading class and made a cute dragonfly, then time for a rest before getting ready for dinner in the formal dining room. 

After dinner we went to see the "Pirates of the Pacific" in the show lounge.   After the show I decided to enter in the 2nd heat of "Pacific Popstars" (karaoke competition) - unfortunately didn't make it through to the finals, but had lots of fun :)

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