Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Clay @ 2 Months

Weight - 4800g
Length - 56cm

Craig got the first big gummy smile @  7 weeks!

Has moved into 000 size clothes and is now big enough to fit into the MCN (Modern Cloth Nappies).

Moving to a 4-5 hour feeding routine.  Wakes 1-2 times a night now.

Has started to try and "talk" / communicate with us - so cute all the little sounds he makes.  Sometimes he lets  out a squeal and frightens himself LOL

Still lots of funny faces and now poking tongue out.

He grabs and pulls my hair and take great delight in pulling daddy's chest or arm hairs! LOL

He is now focusing on things - sometimes his eyes pop out or goes cross eyes when he's looking.

Still trying to roll from back to front - get half way there, but just can't seem to work out how to get over his arm.

Kicks and grabs at toys on his play gym.

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