Saturday, June 6, 2015

Abstract Painting

Mum mentioned that she wanted to try painting an abstract canvas using paints and straw like the one she had seen on a home decor show.  I already had a stash of acrylic paints and straws, so we found some cheap stretched canvases and had an "art day" last week.  

The technique was to add drops of paint to the canvas and use a straw to blow the paint outwards.  After a few attempts we worked out that acrylic paint was too thick, so tried it with some cheap watercolours I had - this worked much better.  I had seen Amy Tan do something similar on a layout recently and wanted to try using heart shapes instead of splats.  

My mum is an amazing artist - she paints the most beautiful landscapes, but she really struggled with the concept of abstract.  She confesses that she can only paint images in front of her (painting, photo, etc).  She started her canvas at least 5 different times, then after squirting out too much blue paint (and unable to suck it back into the tube) she painted the canvas completely and decided to work on it again next time.  She did joke that is was finished and called it "Ocean View - from the back of the cruise ship" LOL

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