Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Flourish Family Day

Monday morning the we had our first family day out - to the Flourish Family Day.  It was a combination of the annual Teddy Bears Picnic and Welcome Baby Ceremony.  My mum, Kate & boys and Craig's mum joined us for the morning. There were lots of displays, activities, rides, etc for the kids to enjoy.

We registered Clay for the Welcome Baby ceremony.  We went up on stage to collect his certificate, teddy and gift pack from the Mayor.

After the ceremony we all wandered around looking at the displays and the kids had a wonderful time participating in all the free activities.

We took Clay's teddy along with us, but didn't enter in the teddy bear parade.

It was a lovely morning - we caught up with a lot of friends as we wandered around.  After we finished at the celebrations, we all enjoyed a picnic lunch in the park.

The certificate, teddy and book Clay received as part of the Welcome Baby ceremony.

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